DID in Hiranandani Estate


It is really funny how simple technology can change the life the way people live. It is suprising to know that whole of Hiranandani Estate is on an Intercom. Each home and shop has intercom facility. This really helps in many ways. All the shops advertise not only their telephone or Mobile numbers, but DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers in Hiranandani Estate. Think about resident who calls shops inside the complex. They dont pay anything for those local numbers. It reduces telphone bill if you are shop@home person.

I’ve also seen kids utilizing this facility to fullest. They go to the shops and if they have doubt they request the shopkeeper for DID. And these shopkeepers are more than willing to offer intercom phones since they dont pay anything more for usage of these phones. So kids check up with their moms if they can go ahead and buy the stuff from the shop.


2 thoughts on “DID in Hiranandani Estate

  1. while thats gud there are several other problems like the complete lack of adequate transportation facilities. There are no public buses which ply from the complex. The complex bus is restricted to the station leaving the complex unconnected with other parts of the city and no connection with Mulund (checkpoint) where no transport facilities are there at this point.

    The costs of a majority of the items are marked up in the complex. some basic facilities like photocopying and picture development are absent. I think its a plush complex but lacks a lot of basic facilities. Telecommunications are well developed everywhere.


  2. And inspite of lack of basic amenities like the above, the property rates here are crazy

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