Solar water Heaters saves on electric bill


Many complexes here in Thane offer the solar water heater as ready to use facility available in complexes. This may sound very basic but actually it has great impact on your long term cost of living. Water heaters comes in 1000+ watts. When used for 30 minutes per day may add almost Rs. 250 to Rs. 400 to your per month electric bill. Across a year you save about Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5000. If your family is more than 4 members you actually save more.

Plumbing work needs to be done accordingly, since regular pipes and taps can not sustain heat level of water. Usualy hot water pipes are coated with foam to avoid direct contact. Some complexes take these taps till wash basin as well as shower and some only take till shower to save plumbing cost.

It is quite possible to have solar as well as electric heater both together. This helps in monsoon season when sun is not strong enough to heat up the water. In case Solar water heaters are installed in tower the surface space on top of the building will not be sufficient for number of families living in building. That’s why there is need of electric heater there. In case the building is small less than 10 floors then surface space on terrace is sufficient to heat water for whole building.

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