Petrol Chor, Stolen Petrol from Two Wheeler, Activa

I had parked my Activa outside ICICI Bank near Wood Mall, Thane, Near Eternity Mall. Hardly after 15 minutes when I returned I was shocked to see somebody broke my Activa Seat Lock and stole all the Petrol. Not only this he left the cap unclosed and Seat lock open on the road. This is not happening for the first time with me. I believe once somebody stole Petrol from my parking area. I can’t understand how somebody could steal Petrol so fast using what equipment. There must be many people involved in such activity.

I am sure I am not the only one. Please share your experiences if you have encountered such situation earlier.
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Place where this incidence happened.

One thought on “Petrol Chor, Stolen Petrol from Two Wheeler, Activa

  1. So did you take it to a petrol pump or pushed the vehicle home? 😐

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