Short Film from Thane at the 2nd Jaipur International Film Festival

A short film from Thane “MAIN ZINDAGI HOON”  was recently screened at the 2nd Jaipur International Film Festival, 2010.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON”  is a 2009 short film written, produced and directed by Prashant Bhilare. It IS the ONLY SHORT FILM FROM THANE to be screened at the 2nd Jaipur International Film Festival in the month of January 2010.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” was completely shot in Thane on location at the Suyog Mandir, St. John School, Rebello House and a muncipal park in Vartak Nagar. The short film has been released on the internet by Rajshri media of Rajshri Productions.

The short film revolves around a young man named Aayur, who is confronted by two girls. One of them claims to be his Life and the other claims to be his Death. What happens next with Aayur is the story of “MAIN ZINDAGI HOON”.

It took two years to write this short film. It was shot in three days at various locations in Thane.  It took a year for completing the post production work, editing and sound mixing and dubbing.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” was edited by another resident of Thane, Sanjay Keni. It was edited at the Modak editing studio in Charai, Thane. A bit of patch work editing was completed by Narendra Bedekar, a known face on television and a resident of Thane.  Sound mixing and Dubbing was completed at the Akshay Digital Studio again in Charai, Thane. It was engineered by sound recordist Prafulla Athawale, Abhijeet Kende and Prashant Kadam.

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The Cast and the Crew of the short film are as follows.


Kalyani Nerurkar, Sakshi Barve, Sanjeev Kumar Bhargava, Nikhil Nayak, Pranay Kande, Sameer Kalbhor, Junaid Kodil, Rashid, Rahul Mahadik, Sandeep Gawade, Roshan Apte, Saptak Tharval and Sagar More.


  • Writer, Producer, Direction : Prashant Bhilare
  • Editor : Sanjay Keni, Narendra Bedekar, Jeetu Thakkar
  • Camera : Sujay Kumar, Abhijeet Deo
  • Sound : Prafulla Athawale, Habib Khan
  • Mixing and Dubbing : Abhijeet Kende, Prashant Kadam
  • Publicity Design : Anuja Sabnis

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You can view  this short film from this link :

About prashant bhilare
Hey people of Thane, my name is Prashant Bhilare. i am an independent short filmmaker. My short film "MAIN ZINDAGI HOON", THE ONLY SHORT FILM FROM THANE was screened at the 2nd JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in January 2010. It has been released on the internet by Rajshri Media of Rajshri Productions. It got a 3 on 5 stars rating from Rajshri.

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