Solar Flowers at Traffic Signals for Bargain

Solar Flower in Balcony

Solar FLower in Balcony

Did you started noticing Solar Flowers which are being sold at Traffic Signals. Gone are the days when you see these underage boys & girls selling the newspapers or flowers at Traffic Signals. There is whole lot of Chinese stuff being sold at traffic signals these days. They sell Fancy Balloons, Books or toys cheaply imported from China. It is really difficult for people to predict the cost of such items specially because items keep changing so frequently.

These days you’ll find Solar Flowers being sold at Traffic Signals and where ever you have Traffic Jams in Mumbai. Where do High rise buildings in Thane have place to keep real plants. In fast paced life how many times you forget to water your bamboo plant which expects the least of love, sunshine & water from you.

So I was watching these solar flowers for many days and kept my curiosity down for one more electronic item. Finally I wanted to negotiate and I asked this traffic signal kid “How much these cost?”. He replied “Rs. 150 for each”. But then as expected he wanted to negotiate. As I know these are ‘Made In China’, I am sure they must be imported at real cheap cost. While I was in dilemma of not to take away bread/butter of this kid and not to be fool either, I offered him Rs. 100 for two. After lot of negotiation he was ready. After the deal he requested for Rs. 10 as add on. The deal was already settled and would not have moved much. I didn’t hesistate to give him another Rs. 10. I thought that will make him happy.

My Final Bargain cost Rs. 110 for two Solar Flowers. How much did you pay ? you can write in the comment box below.

Solar Flower sold at Traffic Signal

Solar Flower Sold at Traffic Signals

6 thoughts on “Solar Flowers at Traffic Signals for Bargain

  1. they look really nice……… from exactly which signal did u buy them?

  2. First time I purchased I paid Rs.50 for one and again I purchase though I knew the Price still I paid her Rs.60/-

  3. They were available few days back at Majiwada. Now I see Rainbow color Umbrellas being sold there.

  4. Yogesh Donde says:

    We were also told initial price of Rs. 150. We thought it very costly so we didn’t buy it. But after some days we saw the same piece at a shop on Naupada. They told Rs. 60 for this and being a shop, there was no reason of bargaining. So we purchased it for Rs. 60.

  5. Yaa !!!! It’s looking really cute, though i am not havin car then also i bought it from one guy at Teen Haat Naka !!! And i kept it on my TV.

  6. I bought a couple at Teen Haat Naka, at Rs 90 after bargaining! Then found it was being sold at a shop in Hiranandani estate for Rs 75.

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