Happy Children’s Day at Korum Mall

If there is an occasion there is got to be some event at Korum Mall. This is not about Diwali or Christmas, but it is about Children’s Day. All the malls in Thane or anywhere in Mumbai arrange special programs for children on many occasions or around Festival.

Children’s Day is celebrated in memory of Chacha Nehru on his Birthday that is 14 November.

So what did Korum Mall organize on Children’s Day ?  There were various competitions arranged at Korum Mall, Thane on this day.


  • Poetry Competition
  • Blue Fun Umbrella storytelling
  • Drawing competition
  • Impromptu activities
  • Singing Competition

Korum Mal on Children's day



To participate in these events you need to spend Rs. 150 for each child. This may sound too much, but actually you get paid back in different ways. This is what you get

  • Timezone card loaded with Rs. 150
  • Children participating in drawing competition get Video DVD worth Rs. 149 (The Adventures of Tenali Raman)
  • They are provided with card board, paper, pencil, eraser, color crayons.
  • They also get Cloud 9 drink
  • There are few complementary games by Timezone
  • And there are many prizes for winners for each category

Adventures of Tenali-Raman-DVD Timezone-card Cloud9 Cola


While there are many offers, discounts in mall, but there are some items which are charged way too high.

Sada Dosa from Madras Cafe cost Rs. 65 and masala dosa is for Rs. 75. Simple Pav Bhaji will cost you around Rs. 80 and extra 2 Pavs are at unbelievably high rate that is for Rs. 29.

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