Poem on Obama visit to India

” Traffic everywhere due to Obama’s security

People on dusty half built road endlessly waiting,

Because India wants to do with Obama some setting…..

India deciding on expensive food menus

Mr. Presidents table full with variety cuisine serving,

Seems farmers Suicide due to hunger is very well deserving…..

When he gives speech in Parliament

All ministers listen maintaining pin drop silence,

Who generally throw mikes, chairs there creating violence…..

News and print media all over India

Appeasingly covering all on Obama,

As this country has culture and likes drama……

With Dhanyawad, Jai Hind, and Pak Bashing

In the end he tells things which India lovers to hear,

But will continue funding Pak so we live in fear……..”

by “Ritesh Verma”

Ritesh Verma

Ritesh Verma is from Hiranandani Estate, Thane. He works in Multi National Company. Being an IT professional he does try to find out time to pursue his hobby of writing poems and reading books. His favorite books are – Too Big to Fail (by Andrew Ross Sorkin) and Against All Enemies (By Richard A. Clarke).

During the recent visit of US President Mr. Barack Obama, when India was busy welcoming its distinguished guest and all top leaders and diplomats of our country were occupied in various ways of welcoming, Ritesh was having sleepless nights thinking of contradictions about the various aspects of visit vis-à-vis issues faced by our country. It was then, when at early morning he decided to pen down his thoughts in form of a poem which depicts his thoughts .

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