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Hiranandani Estate

It is been  more than 15 years since the opening of Ghodbander Road to Real Estate Players, Thane has never seen any fall in Residential Property Requirement.

Gone are the days when Thane was known as retirement home for Government and public company employees. Today Thane is destination for even young generation moving in from within the Maharashtra State or anywhere from India. Thane offers wide range of property options with lush greenery of Yeor Mountains on one side and Creek on the other side.

We are trying to capture wide variety of prices you may find in Thane city in different zones. We are sure this will be helpful to you.

Consider these criteria while making the choice:

  • Do you want to remain close to the railway station or bus stop?
  • Do you wish to have Good schools in nearby?
  • Do you have old age members in your family and looking for medical help near home?
  • Is your property close to your work location ?
  • Do you wish to have good shopping malls near to your home?
  • Can you afford standard of living this home offers? Are you forced to pay more for travel or for basic necessities?
  • Do you like peace of mind or like to be happening circle of town?

Some Tips:

  • Ground floor, First floor, and top floors are usually cheaper than other floors.
  • Windows in West are good flats
  • From Vastu perspective when you open the door from being inside the house, door should be in North-East.

Please note property prices  are indicative and actuals may vary to some extent. Also depending on your personal relation with Builder, Broker may fetch good discount.

Area/ Location Project Rate (Per Sq/Ft) Status
Kapurbavadi Neelkanth Palms 6,600-6,700 Under Construction
Vardhman Garden 5,200-5400
(Rs. 30 floor rise)
Highland Garden 5400 Under Construction
Kolshet Road Vraj Green Valley 5,700 Ready
Vraj Green Valley 5,500 Under Construction
Everest World 5000 Under Construction
Siddeshwar Marigold 5,200 Under Construction
Manpada DOSTI Imperia 6050-6250 Under Construction
ACME Ozone 5500 (Rs. 25 Floor rise) Under Construction
Soham Gardens
(Crystal Spice)
6500 Under Construction
COSMOS Lounge 5000 Under Construction
Runwal Pearl 5200 Under Construction
Neelkanth Greens 6100 (3 BHK) Ready
Azad Nagar Regency Height 5500 Under Construction
Prakruti Pearl 4950 (Rs. 25 Floor rise) Under Construction
Sheejee Splendour 4500 Under Construction
Patlipada Hiranandani Estate 6700-8100 Under Construction
Hiranandani Tribeca (3BHK) 7050 (Rs. 71 Floor rise) Ready
Hiranandani Brookhill (4BHK) 7050 (Rs. 81 Floor rise) Under Construction
Rose Avenue (2 BHK) 6500 (Rs. 65 Floor rise) Under Construction
Rose Avenue (3 BHK) 7000 (Rs. 70 Floor rise) Under Construction
Rose Avenue (4&5 BHK) 8000 (Rs. 70 Floor rise) Under Construction
Rutu Towers 6000 (Rs. 30 Floor rise) Ready
Prestige Hill View 4301 (2 & 3 BHK) Under Construction
Waghbil Prestige Gardenia 4201 (2 BHK) Under Construction
Rosa Bella 5200 Under Construction
Rosa Classique 4000 (Rs. 25 Floor rise) Under Construction
Vijay Annexe 5100 Under Construction
Bhoomi Acres 4500 Under Construction
Lalani Residency 5000 (Rs. 20 Floor rise) Under Construction
Anand Nagar Conwood Enclave 6200 (Rs. 30 Floor rise) Under Construction
Coral Heights 4800 Ready
Coral Heights 4700 Under Construction
Vijay Vatika 4300 Sold Out
Vijay Villas 5000 Sold Out
Orion N/A Under Construction
Unnati Woods 4551 (Rs. 25 Floor rise) Under Construction
Regency Towers 5800 Ready
Kasarwadavali Platinum Petals N/A Under Construction
Vijay Nakshatra 4500 Under Construction
Unnati Greens 3900 Under Construction
Evrest County Side 4650 (Rs. 20 Floor rise) Ready
Sudharshan Sky Garden 4999 (Rs. 30 Floor rise) Under Construction
The Residency Classic Homes 4500 Under Construction
Puranik Home Town 2 4495 Under Construction
Kavesar Tropical Lagoon 5000 Under Construction
Pataskar Eclat 5200 (Rs. 52 Floor rise) Under Construction
Ovla Pushpanjali 4000 (Rs. 20 Floor rise) Under Construction
Vihang Hills 4300 Under Construction
Casa Univis 6003 Under Construction
Cosmos Spring 4200 (Rs. 42 Floor rise) Under Construction
Cosmos Angels 55 Lakh for 2 BHK

75 Lakh for 3 BHK

Under Construction
Pokhran Road 2 Laxmi Narayan Residency 5851 (Rs. 25 Floor rise) Ready
Raunak Park 5000-6000 Sold Out (Resale)
Conwood Realtors 6200 Rs. 30 Floor rise) Under Construction
Kalpatru Siddhachal 6200-6500 (Rs. 50, Rs. 30 floor rise) Under Construction
Hiranandani Meadows 6700 (Rs. 67 Floor rise) Under Construction
Varun Gardens 5800 (Rs. 25 Floor rise) Under Construction
Ashar Residency 6000 Ready
Cosmos Lounge 5000 Ready
Cosmos Horizon 5700 Under Construction
Ravi Estate 5850 (Rs. 25 Floor rise) Under Construction
Lodha Casa Royale 6000 Under Construction
Kalpatru Hills 5652 (Rs. 27 Floor rise) Under Construction

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We are sure you will find Good Home as per your needs with this guide.
City of Thane wishes you all the best.

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  1. Thanx for this details. We desperatly needed the actual rate of flat to buy a flat in thane cause brokers are confusing very much to us . Thanx again Korum to give us the brief information.

  2. I am interested in a new and or resale flat in and around Vijay Vilas. Construction-linked project also ok. I am a reitred person and would wish to live in a peaceful atmosphere. Can you find one for me. I understand some new projects are coming up behind Hyper City, Thane West. Are they any cheaper. Please revert. Thanks a lot.

  3. RAKESH NAYAK says:

    Hi…i am intrseted in vinhang hill or acme o zone on higher floor. can you find out for me for good rates.i visited side also.please revert .thanks a alot

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