Thane based filmmaker Prashant Bhilare’s debut short film “MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” has been shortlisted for the 3rd Nashik International Film Festival, scheduled from the 20th January 2011 till 23rd January 2011.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” has been nominated for the GOLDEN CAMERA AWARD at the film festival.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” represented India in Europe at the 1st FIRST STEP FILM FEST in the month of October 2010.  This international film festival was held in Albania. The short film is also the first Indian motion picture ever to be shortlisted for screening at this film festival. As a part of the festival, “MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” was screened on the television channel DIGITALB in Albania, making it the world television premier for the short film.

The short film has been appreciated by industry professionals at film festivals and private screenings in Mumbai and Pune for its narrative, camera work and acting.  The film was screened in Thane at the Narendra Ballal Sabhagruha in the Thane Muncipal Corporation building in the month of June 2010 by Moviemala, a film club based in Mumbai.

Basheer Ali, Director of Photography for the hindi feature film “Refugee” starring Abhishek Bachhan and Kareena Kapoor, saw the short film at a film festival in Navi Mumbai.  He called the narrative of the film to be “DIFFERENT” as compared to the other short films screened at the same festival. It included a short film from the London Film School.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” has been screened at the following film festivals: 7th Annual FRAMES Film Festival, 2nd Jaipur International Film Festival, Moviemala Mumbai,  Moviemala Thane, Hyderabad Short Film Festival, Miniboxoffice International Film festival, Friendship International Film Festival, Showbiz Action Players (Mumbai), 1st First Step Film Fest (Albania), 3rd Nashik International Film Festival

The short film was also a part of the cultureunplugged.com, an online film festival website.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” was shot from start to end in Thane, with the post production done at studios in Thane.

“MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” was released online by Rajshri Productions media firm Rajshri.com. To view thw film online for free, do visit www.rajshri.com/video/main-zindagi-hoon

To join the facebook community, visit “short film – MAIN ZINDAGI HOON” on facebook.

About prashant bhilare
Hey people of Thane, my name is Prashant Bhilare. i am an independent short filmmaker. My short film "MAIN ZINDAGI HOON", THE ONLY SHORT FILM FROM THANE was screened at the 2nd JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in January 2010. It has been released on the internet by Rajshri Media of Rajshri Productions. It got a 3 on 5 stars rating from Rajshri.

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