Passport Office at Wagle Industrial Estate

Vardhan Building at Wagle Industrial Estate consists many Government offices. One of the key office where hundreds of visitors come here is Passport office. There are about 500 passport applications processed in a day here.


MIDC Vardhan Building passport

One can apply for the any of these kind passport online here

  • New Fresh Passport (Fees Rs. 1500)
  • Re-issue Passport (Fees Rs. 1000)
  • Passport for Minor (Fees Rs. 600)
  • Replacement passport in liu of Lost or Damaged Passport (36 pages – Rs. 2500, 60 pages – Rs. 3000)

Process is same as fresh passport for Change of Address, Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Appearance, Spouse Name, Name of Parents/Legal Guardian.

Once you have filled the form online, you’ll get the 6 page pdf document for printing.

Be careful, while filling online form, these should represent exact details on certificates or ration card.

You need to affix 3 latest passport size photos on these forms. (3.5 inch by 3.5 cms)

Most probably your form will give you time to visit  passport office at 10:00 am in the morning.

This is what you need to do when you arrive there.

Keep all the papers ready (Make two sets of xerox documents)

  • Proof of residence (2 xerox copies along with original)
    • Ration Card, Electricity Bill, Gas connection bill etc.
  • Birthdate proof (2 xerox copies along with original)
    • PAN Card, School/College Leaving Certificate. People born after 1989 will need Birth Certificate.
  • Married women need to submit marriage certificate to show change in Surname.
  • Convocation certificate or  mark-sheet of last exam passed, in case if you are claiming ECNR.
  • Minor application should have  2 xerox copies of parent’s valid passport, along with the form.
  • For each complicated case ( like adopted child), you may be asked to produce more proofs.Minor passport should be accompanied with Annexure “H” form or other cases like Change of name after marriage, additional proofs for Tatakal scheme. These are just few examples.
  • In case if you have Valid VISA for US/UK, you need not submit the old passport for re-issue. You can get the cancel stamp on passport and collect the same back. You need to provide xerox copies of all the passport pages to passport officer instead of old passport.


  1. Get in the queue for Token number. This token number entitles you to stand in sequence for verification of form and is valid for that particular date only.
  2. Wait for your turn while there is announcement for each token number and the counter number to be visited. This is announced and also shown on display.
  3. Visit the Verification counter number as appearing on display.
  4. Present all the papers and answer the questions as asked (Be very particular and specific, these officers will give you  only 2 to 3 minutes to process your application)
  5. If Verification is cleared, pay the cash to nearest counter. In case you have Draft, you don’t need to pay anything here.
  6. If all goes well you will get a fee receipt  which you need for inquiries, in case you don’t receive the passport.
  7. Your passport will arrive at your home through speed post.

Average time for receiving the passport is

  1. Fresh New Passport in 35 Days. Tatkaal application may get in 1 to 7 days.
  2. Reissue of passport (after 10 years) in 7 days in case no police verification required. Tatkaal application may get in 1 to 7 days
  3. Fresh Minor passport in 15 days. Tatkaal not offered for Minor

Passport related FAQ at Thane Police website :’s13.html

DISCLAIMER: This information is based on personal experience. Please visit passport office website for official details or consult your passport Agent.


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14 thoughts on “Passport Office at Wagle Industrial Estate

  1. if there is no birth certificate available (birth year 1968)
    if there is change between date of birth and the date entered in school and further documents then wat will happen?
    kindly update us in this matter.

  2. shaikh parvez ali says:

    Is it necessary for both mother & father to remain present in the passport office at the time of submission with Annexure-H duly signed by both the parents

  3. FARHAN DONGRE says:


  4. Ethor D'Souza says:

    All the Time frames given are wrong, I have submitted my Application on the 6th February 2012, I have not yet received my pssport until now its been more than a month. The problem is only at thane passport office all the other passport offices around the country are really issuing the passports on the said dates. Maybe they sould update the thane passport office site according to their actual time frames. Tatkaal services more than two months and normal more than six months.

  5. prem kapoor says:

    i applied for passport on 09/01/12
    passport status site informs :- police verification is clear,
    passport will be dispatched by 24/03/2012
    on date 12/04/2012, i am in dark about the status of my passport,
    i have NOT received the passport.
    when i will receive the PASSPORT.


    I applied for Passport on 29/02/2012 with Thane Office who got despatched my Passport right on 12th April,2012. I am very much thankful to the Thane Passport officials for their promptness in issuing me the passport.

    However, both of my daughter and son applied on 1st March’12 & 5th March’12 respectively. However, on enquiry on website as on 14th May,12, it is displayed that the ‘Police report is clear and the Passport is expected to be despatched on 18th April 2012’ of course, subject to documents being in order.

    I would request the officials to kindly ensure expeditous despatch as has been done in my case earlier.

  7. Ankit Sharma says:

    I applied for Passport on 07/03/2012. However i have been enquiring about its status online and till 29/05/2012 morning it was dsipalying that:”Police Report is Clear and passport is expected to be disptched by 21/04/2012″.

    However on the same day evening when i checked the status with the same details its dispalying that:
    “File Reference Number (XYZ) is either wrong or Information NOT available”.

    I would request the officials to kindly look into the issue and do please do the needful so that i gen get the correct tracking accordingly.

    Ankit Sharma

  8. THN how is police verification done and does this token which we collect number tht number come on the same day or anyother day as per thy provides us

  9. i was apply for new passport .All inquiry is finish but still i didn’t received my passport .Two month is gone

  10. Online Website for passport have done a great job. It really make it easy for everyone. We hope the city also get more enhance to such methods.

  11. I want to change my residence address in passport

  12. to give suggestion to me for application of new passport

  13. Can we go directly to passport office for filling up the form for renewal.

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