Dr Kashinath Ghanekar Drama Theater near Hiranandani Meadows

Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagrah, Thane Mahanagarpalika

Dr Kashinath Ghanekar Drama Theater inugurated by Shiv Sena Party leader Uddhav Thakre.

This theater is situated at the entrance of Hiranandani Meadows Residential Complex or in continuation of Emerald Plaza commercial complex. Parking entrance is built opposite to ICICI bank.

Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Drama Theater Map

It was considered that Ghanekar name will be as good as paying tribute to his work and making younger generation aware of his contribution in the field of art. Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar was a popular Marathi film actor in 1960s and 1970s. His contribution in the field of theatre was very significant and his work on stage drama helped many actors evolve themselves as artistes. Some of the films done by Ghanekar are Dharm Patni in 1953, Pathlaag in 1960, Madhuchandra in 1967, Ekati and Preet Shikva Mala in 1968, Deo Manus in 1970, Ajab Tuze Sarkar and Zep in 1971 and Ha Khel Savalyancha in 1976.

Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyamandir

Entrance View of Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruha (डॉ. काशीनाथ घाणेकर नाट्यगृह)

Hiranandani Meadows constructed the entire project which started in 2009. Theatre artists who were deprived of showcasing their talents will now be able to display their talent in the world-class auditorium.

The Auditorium has facilities matching to international standards. There is capacity of 1200 audiences and advanced lights, sounds and other technologies needed for theatre and cultural performances. There is also one mini-theatre specially designed for children. Mini Theater has capacity of 250 audiences.

This is great milestone for the lake city. An initiative of the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), the drama theatre is planned in such a way that it will cater to the needs of the culturally inclined strata of society. It would be a paradise for Artists and performers.

The cost of the project is said to be around Rs 60 crore.The area is suppose to be equipped with hi-tech security facilities like 33 CCTVs.

The basement area will be allotted only for parking bikes. The sandwich panel seating arrangements is the special attraction of the auditorium. It will provide maximum comfort for viewers. “The project will decongest the packed Gadkari Rangayatan, which has limited space. The Gadkari Rangayatan currently caters to a number of cultural activities. The Hiranandani drama theatre has been designed studying the needs of the people from different spheres of life,” said Madhav Hundekar, director, Miti Mitra Consultants, who is handling the project.

Apart from these two drama auditoriums, three conference halls with a seating capacity of 30, 60 and 150 are set to come up with independent facilities like sound, canteen, lights, etc. A rehearsal hall is constructed next to the six guest rooms on the lines of luxury hotels. ”All performers we have a designated green room. Professionalism has been maintained while sketching the structure,” said Hundekar.

The complex has 8,000 sq ft commercial space with different sizes to be leased out for revenue generation towards an expected high maintenance cost of the project. The activities that will take place are drama, cultural competitions, promotion of folk forms, etc.

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