Hundreds of Trees Cut in Pokhran Thane

Ghodbunder road and Pokhran roads at times use to be known for its lush green trees. Well not anymore. Concretization of city has unearthed many of oldest trees from the soil. Currently there is road widening work going on at Gladys Alwares road connected to Pokhran Road 2. Hundreds of trees which came on the way are already cut and more are being removed to make way for petrol/diesel vehicles. Godrej Eden Woods complex is not woods anymore. You could see concrete walls straight from the road which were never visible because they were covered with Tall Thick green trees. This has gone up to an extent that a small garden opp. to Vasant Vihar is totally being removed. God only knows who will pay for all these crimes we do with the nature.

Thane City Trees are Cut

Thane City Trees are Cut

Thane City Trees are Cut

Thane City Trees are Cut

3 thoughts on “Hundreds of Trees Cut in Pokhran Thane

  1. There were many trees in Pokharan lake (Upavan). I used to go for morning walk in this place for many years.
    There were many trees around the lake. However many of them are cut down without any reason. It is paining my mind. However I can’t do anything.

  2. Janak Pandya says:

    I Do not know who has taken these snaps. I too have many such photoes. I wish there are many like minded people & would like to contribute for mother earth. ! If yes, one can share their views for addressing these. May be by MASSIVE TREE PLANTATION DRIVE IN THAT AREA. MAY BE WE CAN THAN WASH OFF OUR SINS OF BEING SILENT SPECTATOR 🙁

  3. it is happening again, hundreds of trees are being chopped off for widening the road, noone is ever going to plant any tree, there should be a massive drive once construction is done, like 100 trees from each of the society should adopt and grow them.

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