Sanjay Gandhi National Park Forest Entry

Sanjay Gandhi National park is favourite spot for many morning walkers and photographers. Entry gate in Thane is situated near Tiku Ji ni wadi. Park has revised the entry fee since 1-Jan-2013 for Morning walkers and people who visit during the day.

Entry fee for child below 5 years is free, from 5 years to 12 years it is Rs. 17. For person above 12 years is Rs. 33.

Morning walk Monthly pass is for Rs. 28 only and year pass is only for Rs. 110. For morning walk you have to end your walk before 7:30am.


Sanjay Gandhi Park Thane Forest Entry Fee Chart


Sanjay Gandhi National park is also home to many species of Butterfly. You can watch these in Butterfly Garden.

Sanjay Gandhi Park Thane Butterfly Garden



Sanjay Gandhi Park Thane Forest


You can also find many species of Birds. One of the bird mentioned here in this poster is White Breasted Kingfisher / Halcyon Smyrnesis.

Sanjay Gandhi Park Thane White breasted Kingfisher


Forest is very thick and visitors can be lost inside the trees sometimes.


Sanjay Gandhi Park Thane Thick Forest

Guiding Instructions with Phone numbers if any help required in emergency.

Sanjay Gandhi Park Thane nstructions

Sanjay Gandhi Park Thane Snake




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