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Traveling in Thane

Diwali Carnival of Lights 2015 @ Hiranandani Estate

Diwali Carnival of lights, Entrance Gate, Hiranandani Estate, Thane
Like every Diwali, even this year Hiranandani Estate is decorated with glittering lights. Entire road from the entrance gate to the circle and towards sales office is covered with shinning glittering LED lights. Everyone is invited to take a walk through Hiranandani Estate and take photographs with their dear ones on the auspicious occasion of […]
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Waghbil Flyover at Ghodbunder Road opened to public

Multiple flyovers are planned to decongest Ghodbunder Road. Ghodbunder Road is high traffic zone which handles lot of traffic everyday. Long awaited Waghbil flyover is opened to public. This flyover should reduce the time you take to cross Waghbill Junction. You can see in this video that Waghbhil can be crossed in 30 seconds now at […]
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Solar Flowers at Traffic Signals for Bargain

Did you started noticing Solar Flowers which are being sold at Traffic Signals. Gone are the days when you see these underage boys & girls selling the newspapers or flowers at Traffic Signals. There is whole lot of Chinese stuff being sold at traffic signals these days. They sell Fancy Balloons, Books or toys cheaply imported from […]
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Thane too will be a world-class railway station

If things work as planned, Mumbai will have two world-class suburban railway stations. Thanks to the inclusion of Thane by railway minister Mamata Banerjee in the list of stations to be transformed into world-class stations. Proposed by her predecessor Lalu Yadav, Banerjee has taken the project ahead and added 10 more stations to the 50 […]
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Doctor Smoking in car at Majiwada

No words required to say what this picture says. Each person has their own stress levels and turbulence in life. Cigarette smoking might be stress relieving for a doctor, but smoking in public location so openly only promotes the bad habit.
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Carpool for Thane

There are hundreds of cars running on Ghodbunder road, Teen Hath Naka in the main city. As big is Thane, that many number of cars are there. Ever wondered more than 50% of these cars has only one person travelling. Carpool is an option adapted by many countries to decongest the roads and save the […]
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Traffic Hawaldar makes maximum in Thane

I’ve not seen as many Traffic Hawaldars as much in Thane. Looks like it is pilgrimage for them here. Helmet is compulsory. If you are not wearing helmet while driving on two wheeler, you can be caught and forced to pay at least Rs. 100. Traffic hawaldar will not give you receipt of this amount. […]
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Autorikshahwalas are first to annoy you

I was travelling by autorikshaw from station towards Godbunder Road beyond Suraj Water Park. It is almost impossible to get the rikshaw from station if you don’t follow the queue outside the station. (There is no fixed location of this queue. This moves as per people’s wishes) After some struggle luckily I could get one […]
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