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The KORUM experience is spread across 4 lakh sq. ft. & 5 levels. showcasing over 100 of the finest brands under one roof. KORUM Thane offers a great shopping experience ranging from men’s & women’s fashion & accessories, lifestyle, electronics, hypermarket, multi-cuisine food court and fine dining, making it the ultimate family destination.

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  1. Sanjeev Patil,Thane says:

    I along with my family often visit the mall. Here you get worldclass shoppertainment experience. It the best mall among all malls I have visited in India.

  2. Korum Mall Management is very good specially Car Parking System.

  3. Korum Mall is simply beautiful. I have travelled all over India and abroad and visited several Malls so far, but I found Korum Mall is having all the qualities to become a World-Class Mall. No wonder, we go there again and again.

  4. This mall is very very nice,especially origin games and games the shop.

  5. niceeeeeeee

  6. I am glad korum is in thane as we both share the same residence! And its an amazing experience to be at korum! even vashi mall cant beat it! i love the hospitality and the management of korum…everything is always in its place..be it hygiene, be it the atrium entertainment..be it the brands…hats off to the entire team of KORUM – its a huge success in mumbai! ITS A PLACE FOR ALL KINDS OF CLASSES..! JUST LOVE IT!

  7. I have been to so many malls in Mumbai, but i think the car parking management of this mall is worst, even pathetic i can say. It took me 1 hour 50 mins to reach the basement from the 4 floor. Can any one beat this in any of the malls of Mumbai.
    Again when it comes about shopping, they have very limited shopping option. No shoppers stop, no pantaloons, no globus and not even a central. I mean not even a single outlet for shopping. Remaining are normal shops with high rates and less quality and quantity of stuff available to display. Even the shop keepers are not keen to attend the customer nor open a shirt or t shirt for display or trial.
    What ever it is, it was a boring day to visit this place for shopping. My first and probably the last visit to this mall. i wont recommend any one to go for shopping at this place.

  8. I sure do hope Korum mall will be celebrating Steve Jobs Day in the 14 October 2011 in honor nd memory of the great may

  9. I am visiting you on Christmas. Are you opened dec 25:th?
    What is your opening hours?

  10. I visit Korum Mall often as I have work in Thane and in the free time it is a good place to come and pass time.

    I was shocked a couple of days ago when i saw a Labrador dog tied up on a short chain at the parking gate of the Mall. The security company is called Hunter Security Force and that dog’s tongue was hanging out and it did not even have abowl of water next to it.

    Handler was not doing any security work with the dog. I doubt in those conditions if the animal can perform at all. Handler said ‘He is not allowed to keep a bowl of water’ even for the animal.

    Security dogs has become a fast running business and most of these dogs are just normal untrained dogs who hang around and get tortured in the name of security.

    Can the management of Korum Mall please look into this matter before someone calls Thane SPCA and the authorities get involved???? This is inhuman. Imagine standing in the sun all day or worst still being chained in the sun.

  11. Hi Soumitra,
    U can find shoppers stop, pantaloons, globus and even central within 3-4 kms from here. And i think whatever they stock in MBO’S KORUM have then in EBO’S …. dats it.

  12. Good shopping material, good ambiance. Better housekeeping. Earlier parking charges were waved off if purchase was done. It is heartening that parking charge is mandatory. We prefer MORE or D mart now a days instead. Major reason to avoid Korrum mall was: We purchased Panasonic NR BU 432 freeze during last October 10. Major malpractice by staff observed was> they were insisting to pay Rs:2500/- extra for extended warranty. For which i did not fall prey because similar incident took place when purchased mobile from Korrum and were forced to pay Rs:50/- extra for extended warranty. This warranty never materialized and I refused to repeat for freeze. This is sophisticated pick pocketing business. Worst part comes next: We never received guarantee card from KORRUM. Also we did not receive Proforma invoice as they kept on telling me they had issued the printed version which we normally get on the cash counter. This print out fades very soon and is difficult to prove buying date in case of warranty claims. I gave up finally after repeated tracking efforts. It was a big lesson to me after spending 28000/- odd and insist / advice every one not to purchase item from KORRUM which is costing more than Rs:5000/-.

  13. This mall is very very nice,especially origin games and games the shop.

  14. I have a very Bad experience with Korum Mall,I got a scratch card on purchase of 42″ LG LCD in Diwali Oct-2011. I won a LG Mobile on Scratch card.
    Now after winning a Gift, LG executives are asking me to followup with Korum Mall ( FKYC :reliance) executive & Korum mall executives are asking me to followup with LG.
    This Proved a again that reliance is a good cheater company and likes to play a good gambles with customer, by giving them exiting offers and after winning customer need to followup by there own for gift & finaly he will leave the gift as getten harrased with such stuffs.

    I will Never Buy a Product from Korum Mall Hence forth and that of LG.
    If you have come across like such situtations, please pass on this message.

  15. Wow!!! Nice Mall….


    Absolutely fed up with the service. I had purchased a Eureka Forbes vaccume cleaner from Reliance of KORUM, Thane almost 4 months back. While packing the same they have not given me the connector pipe. Without the connector pipe it is still dumped in the house wihtout any use. I had called N number of times but all in vain. Really fed up a lot.

  17. This mall is okay…compared to other mall…the food court service is poor..the area was not clean..i dnt undrstnd wat the mall managment is doing on this..i had to wait for almost 15mins to get my order from KFC…even the mall interior is nt so intrestng…gives a typical local luk..not so happy visiting it..i wont ever recommend any1 to specially go n visit this place…i feel the mall premises shud b sold to som1 for sum good purpose rather than wasting the space for Korum of all 🙁

  18. I always had a grt time in korum mall , but these days the scene is not d same .The food court is really bad these dayz. Especially Service of Indian Tadka. I ordered a Double combo meal (VEG) n they served me nonveg. And the worst part is they shamlessly say sorry, thats it. I ll never recommend Indian Tadka to anyone. The food is bad in taste just like the staff.

  19. Prakash Junnarkar says:

    I purchase my groceries every month from Thane Korum Mall, Star Bazar. This mall charges Rs. 20 for car parking for 2 hours and even one minute is crossed another Rs. 20 are being charged. This I think is a very bad practice. Yesterday on 13/05/2012 Sunday visited R Mall and Hyper market on Ghodbunder Rd. Thane where car parking is free.Even the Big Bazar in Thane has free car parking. The car parking at Korum Mall should be made free or atleast customers making purchases should be given free parking coupons.

  20. Prakash Junnarkar says:

    If Korum Mall Thane do not stop charging for car parking then I will stop buying anything from this Mall and will buy my purchases from elsewhere.

  21. sanjay vishe says:

    ok ,superb, but only problem with parking rates

  22. PALLAVI V PATIL says:

    We can compare Korum to Five Star hotel….!!

  23. I love this mall specially collection of branded shoes……….n food also!!!!!!!


    Korum mall is pride of Thane, i allways like to go to korum with my family and frieds.

  25. I went to Korum Mall yesterday with my husband, who is paraplegic (100% disability). I required wheelchair near the mall entrance. The security guards asked me to take the wheelchair from inside and put it back again when you are about to leave. They said that the policy.

    It was really disgusting and very inhuman. I had to leave my husband alone, go inside to get the wheelchair. What does it cost to help someone only get the wheelchair out.

    However, will appreciate the construction there, the place is totally wheelchair accessible, except for the cinema hall. There are about 8 – 10 steps to get to the hall. Would have been better if they would have had a ramp there too to help people like us.

    With all this, I must say, mall is good, but the staff and mall management is very disgusting.

  26. Yesterday I went to Korum Mall with my fiancee. We were having foods & enjoying the IPL match. Suddenly the security guards came &asking us to vacate the seats & table as others were waiting for seats in a very rude manner. I must the mall is very good but the staff & mall management is very arrogant & do not have a sense to talk with people.

  27. vandeep gupta says:

    Looking for a space to lease in your food court. Is there any availability?
    Please get in touch with me via email ID mentioned.


  28. I have been a frequent shopper at korum but the experience when it comes to basic service is never there. What’s worse no one is bothered.

    You ask the staff if a particular store is available they don’t know. This is basic. And for the worst experience till date…..washrooms. you lock all wash rooms on lower floor with only 3rd floor operating????? What common sense drives this I don’t understand. What’s more the staff is dismissive. Pathetic is the only word for you guys!

    Remember that this mall is new and it will work but but for long with the kind of service you guys give.

    Please remind your staff that they have a job because we visit and they owe us that respect.

  29. Korum Mall is really specious.. really love to hangout here.. (y) mall !!

  30. Dinesh.D.Mangla says:

    I visited the mall on 12 th July , no toilet facility on 3rd floor instead timbacktoo is there, women cloak room locked on 1 st floor what are you trying to create ? a better opportunity for others business ? Please look into the matter.

  31. Renuka Jadhav says:

    If you go to food court after 10:00pm you will see many cockraches. Even after complians its the same.

  32. Awesome

  33. Rajendra Vaidya says:

    The lifts that are attached ” Car Parking” from P3 to P8 have most obnoxious foul smell , once you enter them !! It is continuing for at least a year !!!!!!!

    Is the Korum mall management sleep over it ????

    No wonder crowd is moving to Viviana !

  34. jimesh trivedi says:

    its very nice mall. i simply love it. awesome place wit big roof 🙂

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