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There are two kind of car parking lots in Korum Mall.

  • Multi Level Car Parking which takes you to 3rd floor and above. Bit difficult for learners to drive round and round on incline.
  • Basement Parking. This is ok to drive and you can take your shopping cart very easily here till the car parking point.

5 thoughts on “Car Parking

  1. try avoid parking at multilevel parking. it takes very long time to get your vehcle out. also u need to remember your parking position or u will not find your car.
    getting out at busy times takes sometimes a hour. its not properly designed parking.

  2. Is the parking charge is Rs. 50/ half hour ? its very costly

  3. Prakash Junnarkar says:

    I purchase my groceries every month from Thane Korum Mall, Star Bazar. This mall charges Rs. 20 for car parking for 2 hours and even one minute is crossed another Rs. 20 are being charged. This I think is a very bad practice. Yesterday on 13/05/2012 Sunday visited R Mall and Hyper market on Ghodbunder Rd. Thane where car parking is free.Even the Big Bazar in Thane has free car parking. The car parking at Korum Mall should be made free or atleast customers making purchases should be given free parking coupons.
    If Korum Mall Thane do not stop charging for car parking then I will stop buying anything from this Mall and will buy my purchases from elsewhere.

  4. I am a regular visitor of Korum Mall (atleast twice a month). Last night I parked the vehicle (Basement B2) around 8 PM and after finishing shopping at Star Bazaar, came down with trolley and loaded the vehicle and reached home (Raheja Gardens). Ford Figo MH 46 N 9885

    On reaching the buidling, the security was looking curiously at the car and once I stopped for taking out the items, he was pointing out to a scratch on the bonnet – quite a big circle with some small scratches inside – I was shocked. I must have missed out the same, in the half darkenes in the parking lot.

    I don’t understand how this can happen inside the parking of yr mall. Understand other malls don’t charge and you charge and do not bother to care for the vehicles parked inside.
    Now it was a scratch, and next time it could be some items missing – they may even remove the tyre.

    Can you pl tell me if you can do anthing for this.

  5. Car parking charges r not leagal. I spoke to the korum mall managemnt. U hav all d ryts to not give d parking charges. U can aso complain dis to d police

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