12 thoughts on “Skylounge-Food Court

  1. I tried to click on Kailash Parbat. And website will not work..

  2. This is fixed.
    Thanks for intimating us.

  3. Dam, that was real quick…
    Thanks pal.

  4. Ketan Mhatre says:

    Hey thanx guyz for putting togeather this info. I was really looking for the ph. nos for “mad abt chaina” and “Cultures World Cafe”, googled a bit and whola…. this page apears…! Thankx a lot…! You guyz rocks….!

  5. Um.. More space and tables at the food court .. Cuz it gets too crowded sometimes n it’s annoying .

  6. nice info…really good efforts… can you plz fix subway link its not working
    thank you very much…you guys keep it up!!

  7. when is poptates opening @ korum?

  8. needed phone number of pop tates in korum mall thane.. can anyone help ?

  9. Why is the website not updated with the new restaurants.. eg – pop tates.. I wanted to know abt banana leaf .. kya hua open hua hai ki nai …. where should I find this info …

  10. Heard about a new food joint in Korum Mall named “Indian Waters”. Any reviews about that ?

  11. Not too happy with service @Mad about China, food is passable, prices are not inclusive of taxes (WHY???) and customer experience can certainly be better.

  12. Do add Only Parathas advt with contact details

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