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Madras Mail at Korum Mall Thane

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  1. Jitendra Bhosle says:

    Hi All,

    I am here to complain about the worst management of this Madras Mail restaurant. This counter is just bunch of shit and fool people.

    Yesterday we ordered the Mysore Masala Dosa and Curd rice. We were been charged Rs. 180/- for the same including tax. After 10 minutes what was delivered to us for Mysore Masala Dosa: A dosa with some orange chuttney stuffed with Potato bhaji(Usually called as Masala Dosa only) where in in the curd rice what we got is the rice mixed in butter milk (This was the worst part).

    After complaing about this to the counter they simply told that they provide Mysore Masala Dosa like this only and there is nothing they can do abount it. After informing them what actually is Mysore Masala Dosa they agreed that the thing i told them is also called as Mysore Masala Dosa. When i told them that i want the same thing which is generally called as Mysore Masala dosa and not their Mysore masala dosa. They denied it and said that they cant do anything on this now. The staff was so rude and arrogant that i believe the stalls on the footpath are much better than this so called “Madras Mail” stall. I returned them the dosa which was not tested at all and they didnt provided me with any kind of refund on that. Very shameless people of Madras Mail.

    Now onwards i will strictly badmouth about the Madras Mail in the Korum mall and will make them loose their customers. Thats for sure.

    If the management of Madras Mail has to say anything on this they can simply call me on my cell 9768xxxxxx (auto removed for privacy reasons)

    ** I have been visiting korum Mall since one and half year now and this was my first Worst experience in this mall. Well i have nothing to say to mall as its not their fault but if they will raise any action on this, it will be highly appreciated**

  2. Suyash Shetty says:

    Hi all,

    Yes this Madras mail restaurent is truly a gang of shit. i visited their with my family last sunday and whatever we ordered around of more than 500 rs was just pathetic. Some one should action on them and make them stop fooling the people about what the south indian cuisine is. I will never ever suggest this restaurent to any people. Not even to my enemies.

    I am so dissatisfied that i just want to throw some shit on them.

    Guys dont go to this restaurent in korum mall.

  3. vikky acharya says:

    i was there with my friends to have dosa , we ordered one Onion masala dosa and one paneer spring roll dosa….
    the masala dosa sucks!!!!!!!!!!! it was cold ( freezing cold )…sambar was yucks!!!!!i feel like pukeing..yaaaaaaaaaaa

    chatni was disgusting!!!!!!!!!!even dog will not eat that.

    paneer spring roll dosa was a bit saver here !!!!!!!…..

    service was very poor…..
    i will never go there again..never ever again….even if its for free….
    this stall sucks!!!..big time!!!!!!!!! Madras Mail you suck!!!!!

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