7 thoughts on “Third Floor

  1. I like korum to shop n
    enjoy tnx.korum

  2. is there catmoss shop in korum mall, thane

  3. i need details of bowling in Korum. like is it open for public now, how much is the charges…
    Is there any direct contact no. to this.

  4. prasenjit agale says:

    its very awesome mall and the sign of unity all the national flags of many countries sow deep intrest to see the mall

  5. Ahmed Nakhuda says:

    You got to visit Shahi Durbar and eat the yummiest fresh mango cream. The firnis and rabris are really worth checking out too.

  6. This mall is Really very well planned and extremely superb..As soon as we enter the mall whole view of mall is seen and hence its very easy for a first time visitor to move to their fav place..
    Hoping to see Zaffran Reastaurant soon..

  7. I like Korum Mall n I really like it

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