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Korum Mall → Under Ground Floor

  • Star Bazaar
  • Reliance Footprint
  • Bata
  • Cafe Coffee Day
  • Planet M
  • Jindal Arc
  • Total Sports

11 thoughts on “Under Ground Floor

  1. can you plz give the details of the store… it will help everyone to know about the store.. also people can give there reviews…

  2. Ashish Vengurlekar says:

    Recently I have done shopping in Star Bazaar. I purchased Bagrry’s Museli which is cost of MRP rs 335/- but I was charged Rs. 360/- instead. After reaching home only I realized that I’ve been overcharged. Next day I went to Star Bazaar again and complained to customer care. They refunded me Rs. 25/- but NO one said sorry ONCE…
    This is 1st time I noticed that I was overcharged in the bill but don’t know how many times I’ve been overcharged in the past…:(

  3. saniya meshram says:

    please give a store name in were i can buy electric guitar and a normal guitar

  4. you wont find it in any of the mall in thane Saniya Meshram , you will be able to find easily in Fort , there are many shops situated over there .

  5. urvashi ranadive says:

    hi saniya,
    if u r from thane, there is a shop named ‘Waves’ @ ram maruti rd, opp the old ICICI bank… you will find good options there…

  6. yash kokane says:

    saniya meshram u r mad … check out the store names…. u will cum to know that there are no musical instruments shops at korum….. y u ask it then??????

  7. Beats99 store in Mulund(W) Big Bazar you will get

  8. Prashant Acharya says:

    It is the best mall in thane, i stayed in bhayander but here i comed every sunday for shopping.Very big ,luxurious and comfort.
    Large varieties of shops for different brand available.

  9. Dear All, Korum mall is the best mall coz there is helpfull & loyal staff. I love to shoppig in star bazzar. Star bazzar provides best quality products in best prize. I am regular customer. thank u Korum it is in our Thane city.

  10. Is total sports a nutrition supplement store?

  11. where can i get a metallic personalized name key-chain ? shop name , address
    Thank you

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